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Here's How That $139M Florida Megamansion is Coming Along

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Back in September, a deeply Ft. Lauderdale spectacle by the name of Le Palais Royal hopped on the market at a staggering $139M, instantly becoming America's most expensive home for sale. Since then, the yet-to-be-completed megamansion has been dethroned by an $195M Beverly Hills compound and is now the country's third most expensive listing, right behind the $140M Hamptons pad that listed last month. Now, a fresh batch of construction photos show that, to the horror of Curbed commenters who deemed the property "the Titanic of mansions," a "pulsating nightmare," an "architecturally bastardized mess," the home is coming along exactly as promised by the initial renderings.

Expected to be completed next summer, the 60,000-square-foot palace will offer 11 bedrooms, a 492-foot private dock, an underground garage for over 30 cars, "the first-ever IMAX Theater contracted for private use," and a $2M marble staircase—the enticing makings of a property that, according to listing agent William Pierce, has attracted "a great deal of interest" from buyers around the world. Below, new construction photos, plus an updated set of interior and exterior renderings.

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