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Artists Create Sidewalk Stage Sets from Discarded Furniture

Since fall, two Brooklyn-based artists have been building elaborate, open-air domestic sets from found furniture all over New York City. Prop stylist Gözde Eker and photographer Justin Bettman have so far recreated a young boy's bedroom with green-striped wallpaper, and a bathroom with a claw-foot tub in Manhattan, and a pair of al fresco living rooms with sofas and taxidermy in Brooklyn. The artists, who call their project #setinthestreet, told New York that they are "curating furniture that has been disposed of and putting it all in one area for the community to see." Each piece of furniture is sprayed three times for bedbugs, and then brought to its location and set up early in the morning, before the sidewalks get crowded. Unlike the Ikea stage sets in Tokyo, passersby in New York often take the choicest items for themselves. The bedroom in lower Manhattan only lasted three hours.

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