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The Luckiest Kids in the U.S. Live in a Converted 45-Room Hotel

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Anthony and Donna Sylvester live with their many children in a home converted from a turn-of-the-century hotel that once had forty-five rooms. Forty-five rooms! It's the kind of thing that's possible when you live in Drumright, Oklahoma.

Anthony did much of the conversion work himself, according to the episode of HGTV's You Live in What? that featured the family. (Apologies for submitting you to a random HGTV clip, but seriously: They live in what??)

The couple had most of the walls knocked down, but kept the original wood floors, where you can still see the outlines of where the partitions used to stand. The bedrooms, dining room, and kitchen are on the top floor, while the bottom is used for storage, and the second floor is a "playground" where the Sylvester children get to ride trikes around, hit each other with plastic lightsabers, and have the kind of fun you might have had as a kid, if you had an entire floor of an old hotel to have it in.

"I always see big loft apartments in Chicago or New York, these giant spaces, and I always thought that would be something neat to do," Anthony told HGTV. This giant converted family home's New York equivalent was recently sold for millions upon millions of dollars.

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