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Surprisingly, House With 30,000 Bunnies is Not Big Enough

A married couple in Pasadena, California has been gifting each other bunnies every day since Valentine's Day in 1992. Six year later, Candace and Steve opened their home with its vast collection of real and replica bunnies to an admiring but somewhat bewildered public. Last year, the L.A. Weekly declared the Bunny Museum, which has 30,000 furry friends organized into different categories like "cookie jar bunnies" and "half-human bunnies," to be the city's "Best Weird Museum." Actor Elijah Wood even starred in a Funny or Die video there, proclaiming it: "The #1 museum that friends bring a surprise!" But now the Bunny Museum is in crisis (shockingly they are running out of space) and its owners have taken to Kickstarter in the hopes of securing $200K for a new venue. "Bunnies multiplying daily. Out of room! MUST MOVE!" the passionate collectors write. "Send greens to save us from being buried in a permanent warren."

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