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Alien Egg-Like Pods Want to Take Over All the Earth's Beaches

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In the year 2014, a troop of eight egg-shaped pods descended upon the placid beaches of Yangyang County, South Korea, preparing to crack open at any moment to deploy an extraterrestrial army that would try to conquer humanity...(Except, if those soldiers are anything like the oddly adorable vessels they came in, they might look more like Minions from Despicable Me). Anyway: these strange white capsules are actually a series of mobile "beach huts" called "Albang," designed and installed by Korean studio Yoon Design Space. Intended to be a "never-experienced space" that can be easily transported from beach to beach, these structures were hand-carved from blocks of polysterene, a light, low-cost, foam-like substance typically found in packaging material.

As shown in these images, the structures were mounted on small podiums for stability. Each Albang features a different colored curved hatch that opens upward, domed porthole windows for letting in the ocean breeze, and flat floors covered in blue and green linoleum. With an interior area of around 74 square feet, this portable "dwelling" doesn't leave much space for living, but could probably be an optimal nap-pod, sans sticky sand.

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