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Nab $2.3M Worth of Immaculate Modernism in Rancho Mirage

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Location: Rancho Mirage, California
Price: $2,300,000
The Skinny: The very possibly apocryphal, hard-to-confirm origin story of this Rancho Mirage home involves a modernist architect, a box of colored pencils, and a bottle of Scotch. When William F. Cody "was finished drinking, the house was designed," says the listing. Looks pretty stunning, for something just yanked out of the ether.

The historically landmarked 1963 home was spotted by Curbed LA late last week, where commenters praised it as "pristine MCM at its classiest and finest" and "perfect for The Brady grandparents." It was commissioned by pioneering radiology cancer surgeon Henry L. Jaffe, on land he bought from his patient, Groucho Marx.

The flat-roofed, glassy five-bedroom dwelling surrounds a walled-in courtyard with a T-shaped pool at the center and a detached, single-bedroom at one corner (floorplan here). The asking price is $2.3M.

· 37200 Palm View [Deasy/Penner & Partners via Curbed LA]