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Someone Please Make These Tiny Dream Rooms in Real Life

A varied group of London-based designers has created a series of stylish and occasionally surreal dioramas for an exhibit that opened this week at London's Museum of Childhood. Each was given an 11.5-inch wooden box, and tasked with creating their take on the idea of a "dream room."

Curator Alice Sage tells Dezeen the brief was "very open—basically, I asked people to create their dream room in miniature, to reflect on the idea of 'ideal' or 'fantasy' rooms. It could be fantastical, whimsical, aspirational or technological, it just had to be small!"

Some of these are dream rooms in the sense of "I wish I had this." Others are the kind you'd find in an actual dream. Others have Pokemon in them.

Peruse the whole bunch below.

London designers create tiny dream rooms for Museum of Childhood exhibition [Dezeen]