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Curbed Cup Round 1, Heat 3: Nantucket vs. Falmouth

The third annual Curbed Cup kicks off over the bridge this week. Eight enclaves are vying for the very prestigious faux trophy and bragging rights as the Cape and Islands' Best Neighborhood of the Year. We're including towns and villages in our Cape & Islands definition of a neighborhood, rounding up, if you will. That said, we'll have one match-up per day, with polls staying open for 24 hours. Let the eliminations commence!

[Top of Main Street, Nantucket by Michael Galvin via MOTT/flickr; Nobska Light Sunset - Woods Hole; Falmouth Chamber via MOTT/flickr ]

We kicked off Curbed Cup 2014 with a Cape Cod-Martha's Vineyard battle in which two-time defending champ Wellfleet easily took top slot over Chilmark. The second heat was an all-Cape face-off with another Outer Cape victory of Truro trouncing Hyannis. Today, it's back to an island vs. Cape showdown. Not surprisingly, some wicked pricey pads hit the market, were pricechopped, and/or sold this year on Nantucket: the Polpis estate that was once asking a gazillion dollars returned for "just" $35 million; Tommy Hilfiger's ex lowered her expectations down to $21,900,000; and a Squam spread that sold for an incredible $20,900,000. Meanwhile, Falmouth, currently home to the Upper Cape's only dog park and inn with circa 1812 cannonball marks on its walls, held its own from an Old Silver Beach stunner to West Falmouth (hello, harbor front and vintage charm!) to the rather lovely old and new in Woods Hole. So Curbed readers, which town should advance? Submit your click for the locale you think deserves to move on to the next round, toward 'hood of the year bragging rights and the faux trophy.

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