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You Can Now Sleep at the Real-Life Downton Abbey Estate

Highclere Castle, the Renaissance Revival estate in the English countryside where the charged and weepy aristocratic drama Downton Abbey is filmed, has now opened its doors to overnight visitors. Two stone cottages on either side of the grand property's Georgian gatehouse now serve as a guesthouse called London Lodge (sadly, common people aren't allowed to sleep in the 1793 mansion where Lady Mary confides her secrets to her loyal maid, Anna, although they are permitted to tour it). The cozy cottages with traditional lime plastered walls and windows with oak shutters date to 1840 and are similar in style to the small home that Anna and her vengeful valet husband Mr. Bates share on the show. London Lodge is available for booking only during Valentines Day and the Easter holiday, so fans are advised to arrange their romantic entanglements in advance.

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