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Oh Look, Someone Already Restored This 1967 Home for You

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Location: Urbana, Illinois
Price: $296,000
The Skinny: Thanks to the glass walls surrounding the courtyard of this late-'60s dwelling, you can peer from the entryway all the way through the wall of glass in back, out onto the fairway of the Urbana Country Club's 18-hole golf course. Which isn't quite nature unspoiled, but the view is still a beautiful one. Champaign-area architect John Replinger designed the three-bedroom home, which was bought in 2009 for $252K and beautifully rehabbed by and artist and an architect.

According to the listing, the landscaping of the yard was inspired by the work of modernist landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx. There's also a vegetable garden to the side, and the makings of a good rock garden in the courtyard. Part of the restoration included refinishing the hardwood floors, and blessedly, did not include gutting the kitchen and bringing in a granite countertop, as they often seem to with homes like this. The asking price is a very reasonable-sounding $296K.

303 G H Baker Drive [RE/MAX]