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Kooky Exhibit Crams 'Architecture' into a L.A. Parking Lot

The premise of "Gallery Attachment," a recent exhibition by Los Angeles-based architect Andrew Kovacs and designer Laurel Consuelo Broughton is this: when decontextualized and re-composed, debris and discarded elements from the everyday environment can take on "new architectural potentials." In practical terms, this means the parking lot across from L.A.'s Jai Jai Gallery has transformed into a sculpted landscape that, if you look closely to decipher the bizarre all-white jumble, consists of objects like a toy cabin, phone booth, and PVC pipes. The installation also came with a companion exhibit called "As Builts," which featured drawings and models that further strip down the objects into their raw components, encouraging viewers to experience them as things that aren't even tangible yet.

· An Exhibition in a Los Angeles Phone Booth [Architizer]