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Meet Conga, the Skiing Dog Who Relishes Life in the Mountains

While ski towns everywhere are bracing for the absolute insanity that occurs in mountain towns during the holidays, let's watch a feel-good video to remind us of what's important in life. In the latest film from Sturgefilm and DPS Cinematic, called Sun Dog, filmmaker Ben Sturgulewski tells the story of skier Santiago Guzman and his dog Conga in the wild mountains overlooking Bariloche, Argentina. Unlike much of the sub-par ski porn out there, this short segment isn't about big powder, big lines, or big tricks. It's about a happy little black dog named Conga who can't get enough of playing in the snow with her best friend. So even though the mountains might be packed this holiday season with tourists galore, take a deep breath. As Conga teaches us, life in the mountains is pretty amazing, no matter the conditions.
· A Skier and His Dog Share a Love of the Mountains [National Geographic]