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Tiny Stone-Like Bunker in the Swiss Alps is Perfect for Ascetics

Bunkers, the indestructible, hidden dwellings typical of military infrastructure, seem to be a constant fascination to architects—the World War II era Dutch bunker-turned-vacation cabin and this Argentinian bunker-style villa are just a few recent examples. Now, Swiss architecture firm Bureau A has taken the bunker sensibility perhaps to a new extreme, mixing in additional inspiration from noted Swiss author Charles Ferdinand Ramuz, whose novel Derborence involves a massive rock fall near the Swiss valley of Lizerne. Aiming for a new way to observe, live with, hide inside the Alps, the studio created Antoine, a painfully minimalist wooden cabin concealed within a stone-like concrete exterior.

Named after the main character of Derborence, who survived many weeks under the avalanche, Antoine is structurally inhabitable but only marginally livable. The shelter is equipped with a fireplace, stool, fold-out bed, foldout table that also opens up to a tiny window, and a small skylight. Anyway, it looks pretty badass:

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