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Aw, Fun! This Home's Exterior Looks Like Abstracted Birch Bark

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This Lithuanian home's exterior cladding looks like abstracted birch bark. Or like blue camouflage stretched out into long horizontal panels. Fun, right?

Acording to a project statement from GYZA, the decision came from a Lorax-like commitment to remembering a stump:

A birch stump surrounded by coniferous forest on the northern outskirtsof the city of Vilnius, at the bank of the Neris River—this is how the area looked before the beginning of construction of the current residential house. The birch stump had to be removed, but its presence is commemorated in the artistic architectural concept of the building. The inside is all stoic and concrete-y, with large windows to showcase the trees that are still there:

They are the architects. They speak for the trees.

· House Villa near Vilnius / GYZA [Arch Daily]