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Forget Your Goggles and Try an OSBE Helmet Instead

Like our sister sites over at Racked, Curbed Ski has entered the gear review game. Each week we'll be bringing you an "Editor's Pick," a go-to ski item that we just can't live without. Have an item you want us to check out? Drop us a line, here.

Frameless goggles were a huge jump in technology a few years back, but there's been a new surge in gear that integrates helmets and goggles into one. We have to admit, we were skeptical of the phenomenon, but after trying an OSBE Bellagio helmet this season, we see the benefits. The Bellagio oozes skier style and comes with a well-fitted visor that can be worn down while skiing or slid up to rest on top of the helmet. It's just like goggles but with one less piece of equipment. It's made to replicate a snug, racing-type fit, so while not for everyone, OSBE's helmets are a creative alternative for skiers looking to streamline their equipment without sacrificing fashion. Check out the full lineup of OSBE helmets, this way.

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