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Take a Globe-Trotting Tour of 2014's Finest Micro Homes

inrainbows / Shutterstock

In 2014, the micro housing trend continued to push its way into mainstream consciousness—at times it felt like every week brought news of a fresh tiny living idea hailing from all corners of the Earth (Swiss Alps? Brazilian countryside? An Austrian hotel rooftop? Check, check, and check!) All this non-stop experimentation means that, just as last year (when we showcased 2013's best micro digs in order of strangeness), for every darling cabin or cottage that's "not that bad at all," there's something that is just awe-inspiringly insufferable (lookin' at you, live-in mussel and cupboard apartment). And that's fun to see. Without further ado, behold visual proof of this year's micro home global domination.

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