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The Little-Known Herstory of Hollywood's Most Sapphic Estate

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This unassuming midcentury ranch in Los Angeles, which was recently bought by Ellen DeGeneres, should be archived, preserved, and transformed into a herstory museum of early aughts celesbians. Most notably, it's been passed through the hands of Portia De Rossi, Ellen DeGeneres, Jodie Foster, and a bevy of their companions. Like a grown up version of a The Real L Word, all of these lesbian archangels have either dated, fought, or lived in the same home as one another. So, here's what we know about Hollywood's secret lesbian mecca: built in 1956, it's a perfect midcentury with clerestory windows whitewashed wood planks, subtly placed modern conveniences and quintessential L.A. canyon views.
As the resident expert on lesbian real estate, this reporter can say with utmost confidence that lesbians don't just casually buy midcentury timepieces lovingly updated and lived in by an estranged ex-girlfriend. So, if this is a lesbian love triangle (hexagon?), the sixth member is this $2.75M low-slung, open-plan ranch.

Yet this wouldn't be a lesbian conspiracy theory without the obligatory plot twist: the midcentury property could also be considered Ellen's ex. Shall we sort all this out?

Photographer/director Alexandra Hedison and DeGeneres broke up in 2004 after dating three years. Following the split, DeGeneres bought this boomerang-shaped West Hollywood Hills ranch in 2005, ultimately selling it in 2007 to fellow Hollywood lesbian Allison Milgard. Hedison, a.k.a the tie that binds this epic saga together, was not only dating MIlgard at the time, but also decorated the house (which, reminder, her new girlfriend bought from her old girlfriend) and outfitted it with a host of modern conveniences.

Hedison, meanwhile, rebounded strongly from her break-up with Ellen and Allison by marrying Jodie "will she or won't she come out" Foster in 2013 amid rumors that DeGeneres cautioned Foster against it. In the meantime, our saga ends in 2014, as Ellen and Portia unload the swish pair of condos they had been living for only six months, and return once again to this estate, a.k.a. Ellen's former bachelorette pad. So, from the looks of it, the place was designed by Ellen's ex-girlfriend, owned by her ex-girlfriend's ex-girlfriend, and is currently resided