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Artist Installs Grassy, Rolling Hills at Tolerant Oslo Gallery

Creeping around corners and oozing through doorways, this electric green installation by Norwegian artist Per Kristian Nygård appears to be slowly overtaking the NoPlace Gallery in Oslo. The luscious grassy hills were grown inside the gallery over several weeks during this year's hot and damp summer. To create the rolling terrain the artist built a simple wooden frame and then covered it with nearly 1,200 gallons of soil, which had to be watered daily. The result is a wondrous naturalistic environment that presses up against the gallery's walls and nearly touches the ceiling in some sections. "Visitors are confronted with their own intuitive and physical response to the experience of entering a space where everything is wrong but feels right," the artist says. There is not yet an official tally of how many visitors have attempted to take naps on the invitingly fuzzy hills.

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