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Lautner-Designed Bob Hope Estate Now Half Off, Still $25M

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The legendary mushroom-capped Palm Springs estate of golf-club-swinging post-vaudevillian U.S.O. standby Bob Hope is now half off, reports the L.A. Times. This 23,366-square-foot hunk of Lautner-designed goodness can now be had for the low, low price of $25M, which someone out there might consider a steal.

"Bold + Iconic + Legendary + Timeless = The Bob and Dolores Hope Estate" reads the shrewd arithmetic of the new listing text, whose author considers "mere words" insufficient to the task of capturing the majesty of the "largest private residence designed by John Lautner." Lautner disowned the project, so the story goes, after Delores made some major alterations to the interior, which isn't shown in-depth in the current crop of photos. Archival interior shots can be found this way.

After landing on the market following much anticipation, only to undergo a hefty price cut, this even lower ask could be enough to land Hope's downed UFO the kind of bidding war that another famous Lautner recently enjoyed. Either that or, you know, $25M is still a ridiculous amount of money.

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