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Spiky Church in Norway is Basically a Holy, Beautiful Splinter

This wooden church and cultural center in the town of Knarvik, Norway seems like a mighty fine place to attend religious services/art shows—even in darkness, which the Nordic structure is immersed in for the vast majority of winter. Minimalist churches abound in Scandinavia, from the simple wood-clad structures of yore to the copper-clad showpieces of today, but this stake-like spread on a rock may just take the cake, as it manages to mix the ancestral with the contemporary. Designed by Reiulf Ramstad Architects, a Norwegian firm that won a contest to create it back in 2010, the building has vertical strips of glass mixed in with its wood exterior. It's also "carefully adapted to the terrain," the architects write, and "blends harmoniously into the landscape's vegetation and topography."

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