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The Curbed Cup is Coming! Name 2014's Best Neighborhood!

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Every December since 2004, Curbed readers have chosen the best neighborhoods in their Curbediverse. Two years ago, Curbed Cape Cod joined the party to bestow the Curbed Cup on this side of the bridge, crowning Wellfleet as winner of the faux trophy in both 2012 and 2013. Will the Seacoast of Bohemia dominate again in 2014? That's up to you, dear readers.

We need your input to determine what neighborhoods will face off in this years Curbed Cup tournament. Tell us what town or village is the Cape & Islands' best by dropping your nominations in the comments or sending an email. Don't forget to tell us why your chosen 'hood should be included in the running for the official 2014 fake trophy- it's an epicenter of restaurants and retail, there's walkability, a CapeFlyer stop, an impressive number of shark sightings, proximity to either Bridge, a wicked awesome beach, or all of the above. We want to know what happened in your 'hood in 2014 that makes it worthy of inclusion. Let the games begin!
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