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For $1.2M, Wave to Wright and Neutra from a Wraparound Deck

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Location: Los Angeles, California
Price: $1,195,000
The Skinny: This hillside home in L.A.'s Los Feliz neighborhood epitomizes what's generally meant by the phrase "tastefully redone" in property listings: all is "light, bright and airy" inside, partially due to the large bay windows and skylights, but mainly because the walls, ceilings, and fixtures have been inoffensively whitewashed. The pièce de résistance in this updated 1949 dwelling is undoubtedly the deck that wraps around the home, connecting each of the bedrooms to the outdoors. In the family room there's a wetbar, a fireplace, and a pair of French doors that open out onto the deck's courtyard-ish back section.

One of the four bathrooms has a built-in sauna, and all of them look very modern, as does the kitchen, which has a lot of white tile and stainless steel. The huge walk-in closet in the master bedroom is a sight to behold. Also on view are Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis House and Richard Neutra's Wirin House, which are just down the street, putting this traditional abode in pretty good company, architecturally speaking. The asking price is $1,195,000.

· 2543 Glendower Avenue [Sotheby's]