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196-Square-Foot DIY Cabin is Totally Off-Grid, and It Shows

Filed under impressive DIY cabins: this 196-square-foot dwelling was assembled by California couple Tim Eddy and Hannah Fuller one piece at a time, with no blueprints at hand. Though it's much smaller than thatswanky DIY cabin in rural Maryland, this remote trailside abode is just as crafty and also completely off-grid.

From the redwood decking to the alder door entrance to the cedar wood interiors, the house is composed entirely of reclaimed materials. The couple also put in place a whole series of features that enable the house to sustain itself. Small solar panels, for example, generate enough electricity to power phones and batteries. Lighting comes in the form of oil burning lanterns, headlamps, and a few LEDs. The "refrigerator" involves a cooler and ice packs. As DIY projects tend to go, this one is also a work-in-progress. According to the couple, the "biggest embarrassment" about their home is "poopin in bucket," so it makes sense that their next project is an outhouse with a solar water heater. Check out a few interior shots below, and for the full tour, head over to Apartment Therapy.

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