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Nate Berkus' New Offerings for Target, Ranked in Order of How Much Your Mom Will Like Them

Query: If you get your mom a Target gift card for Christmas, are you a bad child? Not since Target revealed its new Spring 2015 line from Nate Berkus, you aren't. Here are a dozen noteworthy items from the latest collection by your mom's favorite interior designer, ranked by how excited she is for them.

Excitement level: None.

12. Etched ceramic pedestal bowl ($20; available Dec. 28)

11. Woven basket with canvas liner ($10; available Feb. 15)

Excitement level: Akin to noticing an cloud shaped like something else.

10. Shower curtains ($25; available Feb. 15)

Excitement level: As excited as Bullseye the Bull Terrier looked next to Nate Berkus and Shaun White.

9. Faceted soap dispenser and tray with tiny elephant on it ($10; available Feb. 15)

8. "Decorative pyramid" ($10; available Dec. 28)

Excitement level: Flipping to a rerun of American Dream Builders with host Nate Berkus.

7. String "wall art" ($35; available Dec. 28)

6. "Hand-wrought" ceramic tray ($30; available Dec. 28)

Excitement level: As excited as Nate Berkus looked next to Bullseye the Bull Terrier and Shaun White.

5. Globe light ($60: available now)

Excitement level: Asks for a Xany.

4. Pieces of fringed "wall art" ($70; available now)

Excitement level: Completely losing it right now.

3. Textured pillows ($25-$30; available Dec. 28)

2. Round accent table ($60; available Dec. 28)

Excitement level: A kid on Christmas.

1. Geometric-print pouf ($60; available Dec. 28)

Top photos via Nate Berkus / Target Does It Again