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Genius Camper From 1972 Is Coolest Mobile Home Yet

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All photos via <a href="http://www.outsideonline.com/outdoor-gear/gear-shed/shelter/The-Worlds-Coolest-Forgotten-Camper.html?utm_campaign=rss&amp;utm_source=feedly&amp;utm_reader=feedly&amp;utm_medium=xmlfeed">Outside</a>
All photos via Outside

In the latest edition of amazingly cool things that were never mass produced, Outside Magazine reintroduced the world to this 1972 camper designed by Alberto Rosselli from Italy. Created for a five-month MOMA show called "Italy: The New Domestic Landscape," the lightweight aluminum house features accordion walls, hinged floors, and some of the most innovative tiny-home design we've seen yet.

Roselli called his design the "Expandable Living Container," and despite its genius, it hasn't been produced for Americans. The rather beautiful camper transforms from a small 7-by-14-foot trailer into a 20-by-29-foot living space. Once expanded, it can accommodate five to six people with a bathroom, kitchen, closet, terrace, and space for beds.

Outside also printed the original MOMA 1972 press release that accompanied Roselli's design:

"Rosselli sees the problem of the conventional mobile home in terms of the conflicting requirements of movement and repose, with movement demanding a small, compact form and repose the maximum expansion of potential space.

"The strictly habitable parts of vehicles designed for the road, therefore, often turn out as a miniature form of a real dwelling, with all living functions reduced to the very meager scale demanded by the road," Rosselli says. "But surely we can overcome the limitations of the mobile house by giving it a new form of expression, discovering in it the concept of the mobility of interior space, and of its transformation and connection with other spaces. Contemporary technology permits us to extend mobility and expansion through the use of lightweight materials and more highly developed mechanisms for various types of land or air transport."

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