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Danish Luxury Trashcan Maker Just Designed a Sexy Prefab

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If Muji, the minimalist Japanese retailer of products as diverse as socks and bowls can whip up a functional three-story house, it's not surprising then that Vipp, the Danish manufacturer of $300 waste receptacles can design something fancy that houses more than just garbage. Indeed, Vipp, which also makes things like dustpans and salt and pepper shakers, just revealed its biggest product yet: "Shelter," a 592-square-foot prefab retreat that incorporates the brand's signature steel processing in its structural frame, façade, and interiors.

Designed to simplify an "escape to nature," the two-level dwelling features sliding glass doors and a dark, sleek, and minimalist aesthetic inside. The lofted bed, bathroom, kitchen, living, and dining areas come completely furnished with Vipp products: linen, ceramics, shelves, lamp, soap dispenser, and so on.

Unlike other recent prefab exploits, which all give customers a choice of size and configuration, "Shelter" eschews customization for a "plug and play," what-you-see-is-what-you-get approach. That's why all the furniture, lighting, tableware, towels etc. come included. As Vipp's chief designer states on the product page, since the company specializes in meticulously crafted objects, "Shelter" is likewise a "prefabricated object designed down to the last detail, where the only choice left to the customer, is where to put it."

Tempted? "Shelter," plus all furnishings shown, can be ordered for $585K, with a delivery time of around 6 months.

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