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Minimalist Glass Cabins Will Make You Crave Winter in Norway

All photos courtesy of the Juvet Hotel

A local entrepreneur in Valldal, Norway just spent five years building nine glorious cabins in a nature reserve. Constructed with the help of villagers, the rooms in the Juvet Hotel are all slightly different, and were created without changing the terrain at all, or doing any rock blasting. Each room has glass walls looking out upon dramatic fjords, but none of them have curtains or shutters: that would be missing the whole point. "Through careful orientation every room gets its own exclusive view of piece of the landscape, changing with the season, the weather, and the time of day. No room looks into another so the rooms are experienced as private even though curtains are not used," the owner writes. Winter in Norway is dark and freezing, of course, but watching the snow fall from these cabins kinda seems worth it.

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