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Slate Outlines Solution to Today's 'Degraded' Bachelor Pads

Over on Slate's Gentleman Scholar column today, there's an intriguingly detailed history of the "bachelor pad," tracing the "pulp romance of men living alone" from its early incarnation in a mysterious London apartment complex to the glorious onset of Playboy Magazine's midcentury home design obsession, and finally to the present day, an era in which the term "bachelor pad" has been "degraded" to encompass any "pigsty aspiring to the aesthetic of an unmopped sports bar" or apartments shared with roommate bros. And that's unfortunate, deems the article, which kindly proceeds to outline "a long list of stuff you can buy" to create a sophisticated bachelor pad fit for the modern day—for example, a playful Eames hook for the lady guest's coat, a Saarinen womb chair for the living room, a $129 cork globe for the worldly study, to name a few. [Slate]