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How Real People Decorate in NYC, L.A., and San Francisco

Please welcome to the dance floor House Calls, a new series launched on Curbed NY, Curbed LA, and Curbed SF that takes a good look inside the real-life residences of real people. In its inaugural post, Curbed NY talks to Chelsea Baken about her home and decor style, which she describes as "Brooklyn granny with a hipster twist." Baken, who grew up visiting antique fairs with her mother (she called antiquing "the worst thing you could do a to a child"), items like vintage Barbies and 1930s chandelier over the past six years. The result? A mixed bag of Americana plates, handmade neon ornaments, and a door covered in stickers. She jokes, "the person who lives here is definitely older than I am." Read on. [Curbed NY]