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Behold Sou Fujimoto's Swiss Cheese-Like Museum for Hungary

Japanese starchitect and WSJ-crowned "innovator" Sou Fujimoto has a well-known penchant for nature: he likes creating fancy piles of sticks and teasing the world with a massive futuristic tree tower. His latest undertaking, just unveiled as a winner in an anonymous design competition for a $300M new Hungarian museum development in Budapest, involves a similarly daring organic form. Fujimoto's contribution will be the House of Hungarian Music, which, as seen in these new renderings, he has envisioned as a glass-walled building that, like a giant mushroom, is topped by a white cap with Swiss cheese-like holes; only these openings aren't caused by bacteria, they're deliberate "light wells" that puncture through the entire structure.

As it appears, Fujimoto's building seems be a versatile structure that can house exhibitions, office space, performances, and a library. Construction for the complex is scheduled to begin in 2016 and the new set of museums, which will also include buildings dedicated to architecture, photography, and ethnography, hopes to welcome visitors in March 2018. Take a closer look:

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