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Sisters Revamp Ramshackle Cottage, Create Utter Perfection

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In a year-end review of the best Australian homes, the Design Files has resurfaced the inspiring story of how two sisters, Alice and Lucy Oehr, DIY-ed their way through a complete overhaul of an inordinately derelict Melbourne cottage. When the sisters took over the two-bedroom dwelling from their parents at the cusp of summer a few years ago, they spent the next three months working nearly 10-hour days every day, removing plasterboard, washing tobacco-stained walls, replacing floors, retiling the bathroom, and then some. Next followed a few more months of adding finishing touches to their heart's content, a process that included covering the kitchen and bathroom floors with black and white checkerboard linoleum, painting the front door a "carefully selected shade of deep forest green," and hanging up their mother's handmade curtains in the bedrooms.

For the Oehrs' own blog documenting the renovation process (including some truly startling "before" photos), head this way.

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