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Chuck Norris' Former Home (Patiently, Silently) Awaits a Buyer

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Location: Santa Ana, California
Price: $3,500,000
The Skinny: Listed for $3.5M, this kooky Orange County home was once owned by Chuck Norris, who sold it in 1989 to "be closer to his work in Hollywood," according to a 1990 article in the LA Times. More likely, he had to go [absurd hyperbolic statement about the fictional Texas Ranger's abundant masculinity]. If the listing can be believed, he used the guesthouse as a martial arts studio.

Built in 1977 by architect Jack Selman as his own home, the brick-heavy, exposed-beam dwelling sits on two wooded acres with "its own private lake with dock and over a 100 mature Koi fish." Given that some koi have reportedly lived over 200 years, we're going to irresponsibly assert that some of them may remember Norris, and they way he would walk the grounds each morning, disposing of invisible bad guys.

The home has changed hands a few times since Norris owned it: in 1993 for $970K, and in 2002 for $1.796M. In 2006, the asking price was all of $4.375M.

· 2165 Lemon Heights Drive [RE/MAX]