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Former Ammo Depot Looks Pretty Zen With its New Courtyard

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Over in San Francisco, where a former boiler room was recently converted into a hip tiny guesthouse, this former dry-cleaner-turned-World-War-II-munitions-depot has found similar good fortune in being born again as a quirky modern residence. When renovations began in 2013, the property came with three ultra-industrial components: a front garage, middle studio, and rear living quarters that were not up to code. By the time San Francisco-based architect Todd Davis completed the project this year, however, the lot was looking a lot more serene, primarily because Davis had chopped the bunker-like middle studio in half to create space for a new courtyard.

The shell of one-half of that concrete structure remains, and now serves as a covered patio overlooking the courtyard. Farther down, the main living space has been completely remodeled, with the focus on creating a large central kitchen, as well opening up the space with skylights and large French doors that can access the yard. To bring some cohesion to these rather disjointed structures, Davis wrapped most façades and surfaces with untreated cedar siding, which according to project website, is "intended to gradually fade to grey to match the existing concrete and corrugated steel." Check out one "before" shot and many "after"s:



· Bunker-Like Concrete Home Hides a Courtyard and a Tree Root Chandelier in San Francisco [Inhabitat]