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Time Marches Ruthlessly On, the Grave Drawing Ever Closer, and the Home from 'Home Alone' Looks Different Now

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Winter is death. That's why we have holidays, and by extension, classic holiday films starring Macaulay Culkin, to distract us. The Daily Mail has done just the opposite with a bombshell piece of content comparing the home from Home Alone as it appeared in the 1990 family comedy to the listing photos from when it was last on the market, back in 2011. Like everything else in this world, the Home Alone home had changed by then, and if any of us hope to reconcile ourselves with the inexorable march of time, we must confront the before and after photographs below.

Is this the same the same staircase that Macalay sledded down, the same bannister from which he swung that paint bucket? Probably not, because the filmmakers likely shot those interior scenes on sets created expressly for that purpose, but ask yourself: are you the same person you were just a year ago, to say nothing of 24?

The Home Alone house has changed. Like Macaulay, who now sings Velvet Underground songs about pizza.

· Not such a festive makeover! Mansion featured in Christmas classic Home Alone looks radically different after stunning remodeling [Daily Mail]