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I-70 Traffic Is So Bad You Can Ski Faster Than You Can Drive

As any ski commuter from Denver can tell you, I-70 traffic can ruin a good ski day with its soul-crushing delays. The main east/west highway in Colorado is the only way to get from Denver to popular ski resorts like Breckenridge, Vail, or Copper Mountain. But when a two-hour drive takes seven, it makes you wonder if you should have just stayed home. Colorado's latest three-day storm provided an especially bad I-70 commute for skiers, with traffic at a standstill and much of the highway closed from time to time. Just how slow was it? In this video posted on Denver's ABC 7 News, a cross country skier slowly passed the frustrated drivers sitting on the parking lot highway. And one driver snapped a photo of the intrepid skier making her way to Loveland Ski Basin.

So what's the lesson here? Pack the nordic gear? Avoid I-70 like the plague?

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