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Make a Stylish Late-'60s Ski Home Yours for $235K

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Location: Winhall, Vermont
Price: $235,000
The Skinny: A sleek midcentury home in Winhall, Vermont, just a 15-minute drive from three Bennington County ski resorts, is on the market for $235K. The 1,389-square-foot dwelling appeared on Curbed Ski's radar last week, where it was deemed a welcome break from the enormously expensive offerings of ski communities like Aspen or Park City. Sounds about right!

Avocado formica countertops are a good indication that the place is relatively un-fussed-with. Listing agent Josh Williams of Lang Mclaughry says that the addition of ensuite bathrooms to both bedrooms has been the only significant change in the home's 46-year history. The slate floors are original, and given that the wall of sliding glass doors faces southeast, they warm up quite nicely when the sun is out. For cloudy winter days, there's the forced-air heating system and the large living-room fireplace.

This concrete-heavy home comes on 2.5 acres in a neighborhood called Gale Meadows Pond, near a small handful similar homes built in the late '60s by an architect-developer.

· 60 Lake Road [Lang McLaughry via Curbed Ski]