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All Your Favorite Corridors from Sci-Fi in One Interactive Maze

Artist and researcher Serafín Álvarez has been collecting noteworthy corridors from science fiction films for nearly three years, and now he's reproduced some of his favorites in a simple interactive artwork. The user walks through 3D reproductions of these familiar hallways in a virtual maze, "allowing him or her to navigate and explore it, kind of a FPS video-game without the shooting." It plays like a who's who of dystopic cubicle farms and alien-infested space stations.

You start in that dismal office corridor from Brazil, but it immediately branches off into spaces taken from other films. The Alien sections are blessedly xenomorph-free, but you can hear your footsteps echoing as you play, which feels a bit ominous. The cryo-sleep room from Space Odyssey is even properly oriented:

Watch a video walkthrough below, and download the game here for Mac or Windows.

· [Prosthetic Knowledge via Archinect]