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26-Foot-Tall Net Turns a House into an Aviary for People

With a purpose of exploring "the environmental transition between urban space and natural forest," Taipei's new "Siu Siu Laboratory of Primitive Senses" manages to offset its moody "paint it black" aesthetic with lush signs of life. Completed by Taiwanese DIVOOE ZEIN Architects, the 2,900-square-foot space is rampant with hanging plants, plotted plants, and a large cluster of tree branches that puncture the building's conspicuous curvy façade. This 26-foot-tall shading net, inspired by a common Taiwanese agricultural facility that employs an arched net structure to protect crops, entirely covers a wooden house and creates a compelling transitional space for filtering light and air, with its own "micro-climate" of sorts. Hopefully that means mosquitoes are kept out, too.

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