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93-Square-Foot Boiler Room Can Be a Suave Loft, Too

Just a tad larger than the 86-square-foot Paris pad that asks you to sleep in cupboards, this 93-square-foot guesthouse conversion in San Francisco manages to create a much more livable dwelling. The hundred-year-old red brick house was originally a boiler room attached to a larger laundry building. But in the hands of San Francisco-based architect Christi Azevedo, it's become a full-service tiny loft, complete with its own kitchen, living room, and en-suite bedroom.

Azevedo left original brickwork exposed on both the exterior and interior, while inserting a staircase and mezzanine to connect the ground level to the added upper-level "bedroom." The downstairs kitchen and living area has a custom-built dining table, couch, and fold-out cushioned lounge chair. Farther up the metal stairs, the space gets more compact: the mezzanine landing doubles as a dressing area with a built-in walnut wardrobe and drawers, while the 11-square-foot bathroom gets by with a wall-mounted toilet. It can still squeeze in a Queen-sized bed, though. Have a look:

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