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What's the Snowpack Look Like Right Now in the West?

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A few weeks ago, we checked in on the snowpack for the western United States and now that we've hit December, it's time to do so again. November storms in Northern Colorado has put ski areas like Breckenridge and Steamboat right about average, while areas in Wyoming (check out Jackson Hole!) have already racked up stellar snow stats this season. The best news is probably for the Tahoe region. On November 16, Tahoe was at only 11% of average, but recent precipitation (even if some of it has been "undeveloped snow") has the area up to 48%. The biggest message from this colorful map? Don't fret if your favorite ski hill is coping with below average snowpack. A few good storms can change everything and it's still only December.

Here's the map (click to expand):

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