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How a Century-Old Brick Warehouse Became a Start-Up HQ

These days, many tech giants reside in offices that only look as if they were former factories, but in fact everything was built from scratch this decade. With all the exposed brick, raw concrete, and HVAC vents on display in start-up offices, it's nice to finally come across one that isn't faking an industrial vibe. Shopify's new Toronto office, designed by the Canadian firm MSDS Studio, is located inside a century-old warehouse, but instead of playing that up, the company decided to design their office in a bright, modular style reminiscent of shipping containers. Naturally, it's an open-plan office with colorful aluminum louvers used to divide spaces while keeping sight lines open. Shopify sells e-commerce software, and, according to the designers, their new 18,000-square foot office is "built on the metaphor of the mechanisms of contemporary commerce: the front office block and reception area are the market, the rear office is shipping and transport."

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