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Rejoice: The Beatles' 1964 Bachelor Pad Can Be Yours

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It was 1964 and The Beatles just wanted to be left alone. Sir Paul McCartney's father was on house arrest in Liverpool, fans laid siege to their 57 Green St. apartment, and the band became "too famous" for hotels. It was then that Brian Epstein, manager and unofficial dad of The Beatles, bought a flat in Whaddon Mews, Knightsbridge. The seemingly generic London apartment, which actually hides a quintessential midcentury interior, was the perfect ruse to hide George Harrison and Ringo Starr's cool-guy bachelor pad. Just a few floors below Epstein's former flat, the one-time Harrison-Starr house, now on the market for $2.5M, comes with a balcony to greet admirers as well as a "reception room," porter, and the right to play When I'm Home whenever you damn well please.

The flat also boasts an impressive roster of visitors; Pattie Boyd (who briefly moved in as the soon-to-be-wife of Harrison), Judy Garland, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and, of course, hordes of fawning commoners all frequented the apartment. In the end, perhaps $2.5M is not all that much to be included on that list. James Wardle, manager of the Hamptons's regional office, remarked, "It would certainly suit a wealthy Beatles fan." Yes, James, yes it would.

Photos via Hamptons International Realty

Archival photos of The Beatles before knighthood via Daily Mail

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