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Spanish Firm Creates Particleboard Maze for Single People

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A pair of Spanish architects has taken on the cause of solo home dwellers, and decided to dispense with all kinds of residential design elements they believe single people don't need. Spurned items include "partitions linked to an obsolete domesticity," cabinets with only one purpose, and attractive surroundings. Inside a midcentury apartment in Madrid, the TallerDE2 firm built a maze-like installation of ceiling-high freestanding cabinets. There's a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, and a closet that doubles as an office, all partially sectioned off by particleboard wall units with lots of storage. The minimalist warrens intended for "emancipated users" contain 54 things the firm decided were necessary for all homes, like sinks and closets. "In a conventional house, just over 50% of the floor area is intended for available space," the architects write. "With the new configuration, the user has 77% of the floor space to appropriate freely."

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