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20 Interiors Proving Australia Absolutely Ruled Decor in 2014

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About halfway through 2014, it was already pretty much established that Melbourne owns the design blog game. But as it turns out, the entire nation-continent down under upped its decor prowess in 2014. Below, stunning renovations, idiosyncratic artists' abodes, and futuristic experiments in living that prove, once and for all, that Australia rules at house stuff.

↑ A warehouse conversion in Sydney. [link]

↑ A stylishly cluttered house in Sydney. [link]

↑ A Victorian cottage renovation in Sydney. [link]

↑ A fashion designer's spread in Sydney. [link]

↑ A perfect ramshackle dwelling in Melbourne. [link]

↑ A friendly contemporary abode in Melbourne. [link]

↑ A "craft heaven" in Warrandyte. [link]

↑ The 2014 Design Files showhouse in Melbourne. [link]

↑ A painter's "rabbit hole" home in Melbourne. [link]

↑ "New Zealand commune"-inspired decor in Melbourne. [link]

↑ Interior designer Hecker Guthrie's 1930s home in Melbourne. [link]

↑ A landscape gardener's Victorian cottage in Melbourne. [link]

↑ A designer and floral artist's house on a former Melbourne cherry farm. [link]

↑ A playful apartment in Melbourne. [link]

↑ Fashion designers' "artfully messy" spread in Melbourne. [link]

↑ Converted Salvation Army barracks in Melbourne. [link]

↑ Designers' custom home in Melbourne. [link]

↑ A colorful house in Melbourne. [link]

↑ An Art Deco pub in Prahan. [link]

↑ An Edwardian house in Melbourne with a cloud-shaped addition. [link]

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