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No Way is Patrick Dempsey Gonna Burn All This Wood

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No way. Look at how much wood that is!

Especially since Dempsey and his wife bought that new place. (Which is a great place, by the way. Great taste in homes, these two.) Now they probably spend even less time at this home, burning wood.

All that wood was there nearly a year ago. Wonder how much is gone by now? Do you think they constantly replenish their stock, or they wait until they remove the last log? (Which probably takes a long, long time.)

What if a spider crawled out of it? Do the Dempseys have a wood-checker?

Also, aside from all that wood inside of it, Dempsey and his family keep "enclosures for the Dempseys' ever-growing menagerie of chickens, miniature donkeys, rabbits, goats, pigs, and one rescued African tortoise" out back behind that early Frank Gehry they live in. So much going on at this place!

Anyway. Keep that fire burnin' bright, Demps. For all us little people without ten huge firewood cubbies in our early Frank Gehry homes.

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