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The Three Priciest Homes to Sell on the Cape & Islands in 2014

Since it's entirely possible that, at this very moment, a deep-pocketed buyer is writing a check for the $25 million Chatham Jewel, wiring $108 million for West Tibury's state park-sized spread, or transferring $35 million for Nantucket's priciest property, here's a roundup of the Cape & Islands three most expensive home sales of 2014 - so far. We'll put together a map of the top 10 sales in January, but until then, here's the trio from Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket that sold this year for a combined $55,360,000.

Not surprisingly, the most expensive home to sell on Cape Cod this year is located in the tony village of Osterville. The 17,000-sq.-ft. compound on Nantucket Sound sold in October for $13,200,000.

Martha's Vineyard joined the eight-figure sale club in November when Edgartown's 295 Katama Road changed hands for $15,000.000.

In September, the $20,900,000 sale of 33 Squam Road became Nantucket's priciest sale of the year. Alas, the December sale of not one, but two pocket listings connected to the super rich Mellon family would toss that beachy estate into third place. As for the silver, that goes to the 100-acre estate of the late Bunny Mellon which changed hands mid-month for a hefty $21,500,000. Top slot goes to the above estate of the late Richard Mellon Scaife at 9 Kimball Avenue. The $27,160,000 (!!) sale was either the "the single-largest residential real-estate transaction in island history..." or a close second. Either way, wowza!