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This Thai Design Studio Sure Loves Primary Colors

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Apostrophy's, a Bangkok-based multidisciplinary practice, used to have a cool office. Now, as pictured on Design Boom, they have a cool office where each floor is completely saturated with just one primary color, and filled with kind of cheerleader-y motivational quotes about design.

Red was chosen for the first-floor reception area and cafe, "to energize and stimulate staff, expressing enthusiasm at the first step." A neon sign spelling out the name of the firm hangs by the entrance, and inside, where combined desk and storage units line the walls, one quotes reads "The door will open to those who are bold enough to knock."

Blue was chosen for the open-plan work area on the second floor, to keep the space "calm, tranquil and stable."

The canary-yellow top floor is a "brainstorming room and executive meeting space."

The aphorisms continue on the stairs, which connect each pigment to the next.

Now that you've seen all this, how boring is your office, like from one to ten? Bonus points for expressing that number with its synesthetic color equivalent.

· Apostrophy's saturates Apos² office in Thailand in primary colors [Design Boom]