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Toast the New Year with Cocktail Versions of Famous Buildings

This New Year's, festive Swiss firm Kosmos Architects would like to remind you of an inexplicable link between alcohol and architecture. How else would one explain, for example, that a comfortable ramp normally has a five-to-seven degree incline, the same number range for the alcoholic percentage of a typical beer? Or that built walls have layers of materials just like cocktails? Anyway, all this stellar "evidence" prompted the folks at Kosmos to publish "Good Drinks and Good Buildings," a series of a dozen illustrated postcards matching notable buildings with their cocktail kindred spirits. As illustrated above, Mies van der Rohe and Philip Johnson's Seagram Building in New York City got paired up with the classic Manhattan drink, making for a deeply iconic, sophisticated couple. Head over to ArchDaily for the entire series, which also covers works by design bigwigs like Peter Zumthor and Herzog & de Meuron. [ArchDaily]