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Austere Spanish Villa Hails Itself as an 'Acropolis in Stone'

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This ocean-facing travertine house in Cádiz, Spain is gorgeous—and also very aware of this fact. Promotional material, in fact, breathlessly narrates its journey toward becoming so amazing. It all started on an "earthly paradise" where the Spanish architecture firm of Alberto Campo Baeza built a "most radical house" or perhaps an "Acropolis in stone" on an "infinite plane facing the infinite sea." Several references to Greek myths were necessary to explain how this horizontal minimalist abode came to fruition. "I am certain that Rembrandt and Mies would like our podium house," the architect concludes. "We wanted this house to be capable not only of making time stand still, but to remain in the minds and hearts of humankind." End scene. The curtain comes down.

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