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Hotel in the Chilean Andes Debuts Cabin Cubes for Stargazing

Photos courtesy of the Elqui Domos Hotel and Homeli

The staggering beauty of Chile's Valle del Elqui, high in the Andes Mountain Range, is undeniable. Thanks to its remote location (and thus very few lightbulbs graying out the skyline), the area is also a prime location for stargazing. Enter: a hotel by the name of the Elqui Domos, which just debuted four wooden "observatory" cabins, or vertical cubes tilted toward the sky. Designed by Chilean architect Rodrigo Duque Motta, the minimalist hotel rooms on three levels allow guests to lie on their beds and stare up at the stars through large angled windows positioned directly above. There are also seven geodesic fabric dome rooms with detachable roofs, and a communal observatory area with high-end telescopes.

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